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Our premier range of travel bags, the Track Jack collection, has received the Red Dot Award for Product Design. The 38 member jury of the product design category for the Red Dot Award 2015 has seen the light and awarded the Track Jack with the prestigious design award for 2015. There were 4,928 entries from 56 countries and only designs that won over the jury with their quality and innovation were given an award.

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Easter camera bags

Easter is almost upon us and that means egg rolling, egg fighting, egg hunts, chocolate egg eating and egg decorating. And as we know, eggs are fragile things, much like your camera gear. That’s why this Easter we are showing how our camera bags are great for transporting your most vital (and fragile) cargo. That includes Easter eggs of course.

To make Easter a bit sweeter you can SAVE 10% by using the code EASTER15 at until April 6. Have a happy Easter and great holiday!

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easter egg hunt

Easter Egg Hunt!

Five Easter eggs have gone rogue and are hiding out on our website to avoid being decorated this year! Our sources tell us that you can find them in our shop by colour categories.

Once you find them, send us an email including the names of all five bags they are hiding out with to

Three lucky hunters who submit the correct locations by Easter Sunday will win a 50,- EUR/GBP Crumpler Online Gift Voucher!

Enjoy the hunt ;-)


Die Ostereiersuche hat begonnen!

Fünf rebellische Ostereier sind entkommen und haben sich bei uns auf der Webseite versteckt. Eine geheime Quelle hat uns verraten,  dass sie in unserem Shop unter Farbkategorien zu finden sind.

Wenn ihr die fünf Eier findet, dann sendet uns eine E-Mail mit den Namen der fünf Taschen, in denen sich die Eier versteckt halten:

Mitmachen lohnt sich, denn drei glückliche Gewinner werden mit einem 50, – EUR / GBP Crumpler online Geschenkgutschein belohnt! Bis Ostersonntag  habt ihr Zeit, uns die richtige Antwort zu schicken.

Also auf zur Jagd!


The Condo Collection

It’s business (casual) time!

Tablet, beach towel, passport, baby bottle, compact camera, hammock, favourite sunglasses and those letters you need to post. Sometimes you need a bag for everything and it’s finally here. Business meets casual, the office meets the streets and serious meets fun – the Condo collection is a series of bags where there is a place for everything. Specially designed internal and external pockets give you a place for all your gear. Cameras can go in the external pockets with soft Nylex lining or travel documents slip nicely into the external pockets with elastic mesh pockets. Have a closer look at some of these bags:

The Condo Backpack can be worn over the shoulder and carried in hand. It has a special padded pocket for a laptop (up to 15″) or a 10″ tablet and three front pockets that are especially designed for your e-vices, stationary and other vital gear.
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