Bikes & Bags

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Private Surprise Backpack LLight Delight Shopper BackpackJackpack Full Photo BackpackB&B-3-03-grainDoozie Hobo SMuli Backpack M

Around Crumpler Europe HQ in Berlin, when we can bike, we bike. It’s by far the best way to get to our morning coffees, there is even a super scenic canal on the way called Landwehrcanal for most of us.


So that means on any given day in the summer there is a beautiful spectrum of bikes sitting outside. This week, we decided to take some when people weren’t looking and shoot them with their bag (also while they weren’t looking, there was some confusion and panic).


You can tell a lot about a person from their bike and bag, so we collected some examples from around our Berlin office.


The result? You can decide.


PS click the image to see the bag at


Bestsellers of 2013

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Dinky Di MessengerKeyringThe P.P. 90Light Delight Foldable BackpackSlipPrivate Surprise Backpack

Here are our most sought after bestsellers of 2013, the coolest kids in school.


You love these bags and we love you for it.


1. Dinky Di Messenger
2. Light Delight Foldable Backpack
3. The Gimp iPad Mini
4. Spanky Jones
5. The Gimp 13
6. Lamington Bag S
7. Private Surprise Backpack
8. The Slip
9. The P.P. 90
10. Keyring


Want to know more? Just click on the images after the jump.


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Bag Care – Survival of the Finest

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The bag, much like a person, cares about its appearance. Not only this, but bags will have increased longevity if time is occasionally taken for cleaning and maintenance. But, as it entirely unable to care for itself, a bag relies on its handler for care.


Fear not! Here are some tips on how best to care for your Crumpler bag.


Never put a bag through the washing machine. The brutal and saturated environment is not hospitable. The internal stitching and material can be affected by prolonged exposure to detergents. On top of this, the internal padding is not suited to long term saturation.


Crumpler bags are not meant to be tumble dried. The heat of a tumble dryer will cause wet areas of the bag to wrinkle and if the machine resembles the volcanoes of the Icelandic central plateau, possibly cause irreversible damage.

Much like us, when exposed to a harsh environment over a sustained period of time, bags protective coating will degrade, which, unfortunately, is unavoidable. You may notice this when rain falls on the bag and it no longer beads and falls off. To fix this, first clean the bag with a watery sponge and some shampoo. Allow the bag to dry and then apply an off-the-shelf water repellent spray, the ones that are usually used for leather or outdoor jackets. Again allow your bag to dry fully before use and your coating will be as good as new.


Finally, there is sunscreen. As good as it is for human skin, guess what, bags hate sunscreen; don’t spill a drop of it on one of these bags. It will not rub off, it will want to stay, it has been given a home and it won’t leave. This is of course not the only liquid that likes to use bags as hosts. In the event a foreign liquid element does attack your bag, once again, use a sponge, shampoo and some warm water and wipe it away.


So there you go! We hope these tips help to you and your bag to have a long and fruitful relationship.

Spread the Love

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Spread the Love - DoonaCrumopler Brandbook Volume 2


What makes the world go around? LOVE!


It’s the sweetest thing, right? Well we have plenty of love for all of you and it would be rude not to share it, spread it even. So here is what we have been up to. We got a bunch of awesome people around to a studio in Berlin and had a wild time; we took some photos with our bags too of course.


This is a series of images that we want you to share, spread that love! Just hit the link to go to our Spread the Love page. There you can select your favourite model with from our Larger than Life photo shoot to share with a friend, pal, buddy, mate or chum.



That’s not all though, someone was smart enough to record it all on their video making machine. We added a bit of magic, and presto! You have our new interactive look book. This is a hot little item from the Crumpler video team (Jim) and is a new way to explore our cool stuff. Click on the bags, go on, do it.



Not into this new fandangled technology lark? We have made a magazine as well, the Crumpler Brand Book Volume 2. Full of great articles on Idols of Oddity, a Secret City photo collection, handy info on Crumpler bags and new collections! What do you have to do to get one? You can get the electronic version here or spend over 150€ at and one will automatically be placed in your cart. They will also be available via our German and Netherlands shops in the not too distant future.



Now that is a lot of love!

Out and About

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Travel, it’s awesome. Despite the many failings of low cost airlines, they do make getting around pretty easy. It’s a lot of the reason why I’m in Europe and not New Zealand which is epic but a bit isolated.


I was lucky enough to escape to Morocco and Italy this summer, along with numerous adventures in and around Berlin. My weapon of choice was the Muli Backpack XL. It was perfect for jamming under the seat in front of me on a flight and can hold enough stuff for over a week away from the comforts of the flat. The air mesh padding was great, it was comfortable and my back didn’t turn into a sweat swamp. I didn’t get the usual shoulder ache that I get from my (non-Crumpler) backpack even though it had a full load most of the time: bottles of water, spare clothes, towels, food, wallet, camera, tablet and whatever everyone else threw in.


Which spot was the best? Rome was epic but if I get the chance I will be heading back to Taghazout in Morocco some time soon. It has some awesome beaches and a good range of surf, i.e. perfect (empty) spots for adventurous but amateur types. The locals are good fun and the non-locals are chilled backpackers or surfers. There is a lot of development going on around the area though, so things might be different in a couple of years.


Where is your favourite destination? Is it on or off the beaten track? Let us know in the comment section below.


13. Fotomarathon Berlin

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One city, 12 hours, 12 topics. Within 12 hours participants must put together a series of 12 photos expressing 12 individual themes which are revealed during the Fotomarathon day itself.

With that in mind, a week ago more than 300 cameras went hunting in Berlin for their best snap of the city; The 13th Berliner Fotomarathon was under way, and so was I.

Searching the city for the right image was not as simple as I originally thought it could be. Especially as each photograph had to be of a specific topic and shot in the same order as the topics are given. In addition to this, I was one of the (very) few analogue participants so there was ‘no way back’ after the image was taken. And several times I came across the perfect shot just moments after I had taken one already. That was quite a challenge. But we at Crumpler like challenges.



The marathon generally went as follows:


At 11 am at Beachbar Mitte, the main topic was announced “What a surprise!” and we got the first 4 themes out of 12: Submerge, Meanders, Outwitted and Jackpot. We had 4 hours to get started with the mission before we had to head over to the next meeting point to receive the following 4 topics.


‚Easy come easy go’, ‚Blurry’, ‚Fate takes its course’ and ‚Frog King’ were handed out together with a little goodie bag at Lomography Store, Friedrichstrasse (digital photographers met up at the Stattbad, Wedding).


7pm, Körnerpartk Neuköln, still motivated but slowly getting tired, we received the last themes: Enchant, Demimondes, Cursed and Plunge.


At Badeschiff in Treptow we finally handed over the film roll (containing no more than 12 shots), received our certificate and shared a beer or even two. Relaxed ending at 11 pm.


12 hours full of action.



If you are interested in the results of our analog/digital roaming around, as well as a look through the eyes (and lenses) of all these creative minds involved… you can see the final exhibition at Stattbad Wedding, Gerichtstraße 65, 13357 Berlin (13th July from 1.00 –9.00 p.m. and 14th July from 1.00 – 6.00 p.m.). The winners are going to be honored on Saturday at 6:00 p.m, and in some cases; Crumpler bags will be the prizes. The location is pretty cool as well by the way.

Thanks to !


>> for all non-Berliners… there are many other cities with Fotomarathons still to come:

Munich (D), Hamburg (D), Leipzig (D), Kopenhagen (DK), Vienna & Graz (AT) and many more…

For the unsung heroes.

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This weeks blog post is about the small things in life that should be valued, honoured….. and respected, right?


Small things, especially in the Crumpler world, come in the form of a bag, often a smaller bag hidden within a larger one. Let us sing praise to the organisers, the wallets, pen cases, the pouches, the sleeves and of course the purses that add so much but go unnoticed in our everyday life. All our little friends that help you organise and sort your day. It brings us so much bliss that, we at Crumpler, have so many variations of these unsung heroes. So let me give you an insight on how one of these little helpers may enrich your life…


On my last trip to Barcelona I took the new Florida Condo Slim Organiser along as my personal travel ally. The companionship already started at home when I stored all my important travel documents in this surprisingly spacious bag. On the way to the airport I doubt anybody would have guessed what was stowed inside as I disguised it as a handsome clutch (when in fact I was trying to hold on to it tight). At the airport my travel money quickly found a safe place too. Just before boarding the plane my iPod joined the assortment inside to entertain me during the flight and to sing me to sleep whilst on board; which it did quickly (no surprise with this valuable pillow under my head and the clouds under my feet). For the rest of the flight I made use of the strong key ring and hung it on the coat hook in front of me (as the seat pocket in front was crammed with magazines, safety cards and vomiting material).  Arriving in Barcelona, at my best friends place I quickly stored all documents and money safely away, and my Slim Organiser turned into my handbag for a travel guide or camera, and found its home inside my Totes I had also brought along. Not even the sun could harm me (the Organiser is a great sunshade) or the sand that attacked my camera at the beach with such a tough hero.


Another weekend trip to Barcelona… Yesss, I will definitely do it again. Of course with a Slim Organiser by my side.


Learn more about the many facets of the Slim Organiser by clicking here.

I have a 2000€ bag

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I have a 2000€ bag.


Phone, keys, wallet; we don’t leave the house without them. But this seems like a light load if asked to list the things that we can’t leave our houses without.


Taking a moment to consider what actually is in my bag… I honestly couldn’t tell you blind, although, I can claim that all the stuff in there is important and must be by my side.


One of our store managers here at Crumpler recalled a story about discussion he had with a guy whilst his girlfriend was looking for a new bag in our Berlin Kreuzberg shop. Between them they worked out that most women walk around with the cash value of over 2000€ in their bags at any given time. That sounds a little high but by the time you work out the cost of their phone, their wallet, the contents of their wallet, perfume, make up, several creams and balms, sunglasses, headphones, iPod etc it all amounts to this!



We guess the more everyone starts to carry around iPads, Laptops and digital cameras the value is only going to go up. We make our camera bags, lifestyle bags and IT bags functional, fashionable and safe for the value you are transporting with you. This is why we take so much time and attention to make bags that fits everything whilst fitting to you style and form, as we too value the value you carry by your side everyday.



Handbook for Urban Explorers

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crumpler t-shirtbeer is goodumbrellawhat's in the bagjandal


Everyday situations, solved.


The Handbook for Urban Explorers is a series of Crumpler tips for overcoming everyday situations in class and style. Are you looking for an inner city sherpa to guide you through the city grime? Or do you prefer to tackle the “big” problems that the asphalt oases around the world present your own way?


The quest ends here; this series of shorts by Crumpler will act as a guide, a companion and a benchmark for your downtown dealings. Be it the first date, hanging out in the park, finding some makeshift entertainment or waking up lost and confused; we have you covered.


First up is an example of how ingenuity in a time of need is vital.


Tip # 1 – Inventiveness



Make sure you follow us on FacebookVimeo or Youtube for your handbook fix.

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Beyond the stadiums: Photographing grassroots baseball in the Dominican Republic

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It started out as sort of a joke over a beer at my house in December of 2012.  My journalist friend came over from Japan to enjoy the winter here in Berlin.  Yeah, he’s a bit weird.  Little did we know that in a matter of few months, we would be getting a tan and wishing that it wasn’t so damn hot.


Since I have never been to the Caribbean, everything was exciting.  The merengue at 7AM. The lack of vegetables in meals. The fact that we were the only people with an agenda that didn’t include a day at the beach. All these inconveniences were naught because I was shooting baseball for the first time and I was shooting baseball everyday. You see, I grew up in Japan where baseball was king and since becoming a sports photographer, I was hoping to one day get a chance to shoot it.


The academies run by the Major League Baseball (MLB) were interesting, but the things that fascinated me the most were of the non-professional kind.  Some iteration of baseball was being played everywhere, from parking lots to street corners to the middle of a sugar cane field. I witnessed games being played from dusk till dawn.  If they weren’t playing, they were talking about it on the radio, over coffee, and on the bleachers. Whilst all this was happening, my Crumpler bag accompanied me as I roamed the fields of DR looking for the sound of the bat on the ball.


So why Crumpler? On a typical sports assignment, I literally take a suitcase worth of gear. But for this project, I knew I needed to me more mobile and flexible than usual. Shooting with the Quick Escape meant I could have my camera and lenses by my side, but still be able to move around freely to capture the best perspectives out on the diamond. And I have to admit, it was simply nice to have something a little different from the usual, bulky, black, boring camera gear.


So, before we parted on our way, my friend and I decided that we really should consider doing the same in Cuba and Mexico. Although we decided that the prerequisite was that we go during the winter. ;)




Ryu Voelkel is a freelance photographer who has been traveling the globe shooting sports (and anything else that catches his eye) since 2005. Based in Berlin, his work can be seen at, and his sports photography podcast at


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Sunday morning – 9 am – Berlin, Germany…
I was still asleep… Kreuzberg was still asleep… but a small group of people were already on the way to the Crumpler Kreuzberg store. But why? Isn’t everybody happy to have Sundays off?


Anyway… they had a good reason for leaving the comfort of their beds so early:
The photoshoot for our upcoming Dinky Di Collection!


Our popular heritage bag is getting some brothers and sisters.
12 cool, diverse and colourful bags that are – thanks to the different sizes and forms – usable for every occasion of daily urban life!


So we gathered 5 highly motivated and fresh looking, beautiful people in our lovely Kreuzberg store, which has been recently redesigned, to spend the Sunday together, making amazing campaign pics while getting naked (and dressed again)… drinking, eating, laughing and having loads of fun!


Naked?! Yeah. You know, we take off our clothes from time to time. It’s a Crumpler tradition, but this time, there is a small, but very noticeable difference:
In contrast to our previous naked-shoots – we are pleased to present some charming, handsome and talented models.


A big thanks to our wonderful photographer, our great models, the lady who made them even more beautiful and the mysterious video guy who filmed everything for us.


Hope you all had a great time.

Curious for some first impressions? Check out the movie!


The Crumpler Dinky Di Collection from Crumpler on Vimeo.


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First you get pregnant. Then you have your baby. Then comes the task to name your child.

You look around for inspiration, your mother’s name, father’s name, your mother’s mother’s name or your father’s father.


When John Michael Junior is 10 years old he will come to you and ask you why he was given such a name, to which you will end up telling him a story about John meaning gracious lord etc etc or that the nice doctor who delivered him was also called John.


Well our bags are pretty much the same, sometimes we look at their elder counterparts for inspiration such as the photo bag ‘Muffin Top’ being the predecessor to the ‘Cupcake’. Or we take stories, Crumpler history, travels or company in-jokes to name the produce of our hard work.


One of our latest collections at Crumpler is the ‘Lamington’ collection, a name derived from the sweet Australian cake, the Lamington. You can usually get them in a couple of flavours, strawberry and chocolate. The strawberry ones are so bright in colour that for a tourist you can’t help but exclaim ‘what is that?!’. Our Lamintgon collection of bags feature a strong selection of colours, so the name is quite fitting.

The Wonderful World of How-To Videos

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What did we do before the internet? We could put a man on the moon but couldn’t open a can without a tin opener.  Now, we can do anything with the magic of the internet and its millions of informative how-to videos.


Noticing this trend, Crumpler too has its own range of how-to videos. The carefully crafted videos are shot on location in one of our Berlin shops. Lovingly made by our production team (aka Jim), they quickly convey the functionality and uses of our many many bags. We even have our own stuntman, black t-shirt guy. Some say he lives in an underground bunker below Berlin’s Fernseher Turm and that he eats exclusively from a pez dispenser. Whatever the case, here is the Banana Hammock & Singapore Sling Crumpler How-To for your viewing pleasure.



Here is a selection of other inspiring how-to videos. We can do jazz hands…



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Berlin Fashion Week Conclusion

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Last week it was fashion week time again in Berlin, always one of the most crowded and most fun times in the city.


With the lifestyle fair Bread & Butter, street style fair Bright, the posher Premium and the new Panorama fair there was a lot of brands and fashion folks trying to get the attention of buyers and visitors. And with our office located in the centre of Berlin, it was impossible not to attend some of the events.


Fashion week of course is always a great opportunity to catch up with what’s new and hot for this year’s upcoming fall/winter season.

And if the newness factor isn’t that great you can still have a bloody good time watching some handsome people and try to score some free drinks and free food.


So where are the trends going?


You can still see a bit of vintage here and there, but it seems the big vintage hype is calming down.

A lot of the new creations show a nice simplistic approach and have a functional vibe to them.

For bag makers like us it’s a delight watching the myriad of interesting carrying objects.

From teddy bear bags, high tech filmmaker’s bags to colourful simple bag creations, there was a lot of greatness and obscurity to be seen.

Sometimes it’s good not to follow every trend.


But enough about the next winter season.

With all this snow falling down on us right now we better prepare some sunny highlights to welcome the spring, and what could be better than some sunflowers yellow bags….


But more on that in one of the next blog posts!



Image from B&B with thanks!


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NYE Facebook Highlight

After wonderful holidays – we’re finally back in the CRUMPLER office Berlin.


Well – at least – most of us are back…


Some unlucky ones are feeling rather poorly! Especially hard hit is our Online Shop – so, in this context – to all of you who are waiting for responses or products  – they are constantly working on each of your requests. But due to the manpower set back, they’re a bit behind. Please be patient. You’ll definitely get answers and your bags.


So, what’s happening in 2013?
To give you a short insight in our design department and the bags, that are in the pipeline:


It’s really amazing – new collections are coming – energetic. surprising. cool.


Whether it’s the enlargement of a classic, the holy grail of the messenger bags or an art déco inspired business collection…our designers really did a great job!


And yes…the pouches for your Apple branded e-vices will be soon available as well. Finally! ;)


Be curious!




Crumpler Christmas Songs

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3_image001Santa Faceswap

Sick of listening to Dean Martin sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer? Can’t hear another rendition of Silent Night? Ready to stuff a Christmas cracker down the throat of the next person that starts a carol?


Here is a compilation of songs that are (kinda) Christmasy to get you through the last couple of merry days. Feel free to post any alternative Christmas tracks you are into in the comments box below.


Mayer Hawthorne – Christmas Time


Atlas Sound – Artificial Snow

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To all the inhabitants, guests and lovers of the noble city of Hamburg, we would like to declare:

After two weeks of sweat, blood and love…we proudly announce:


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The Light Delight Collection

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The Light Delight Collection_Light As


At Crumpler we know there are countless important decisions that weigh on your mind like which flavour of ice cream to choose; flip flops or sneakers; window or aisle seat? With all these heavy decisions, you need a way to lighten the load.


Enter the Light Delight Collection, with Herculean strength and a lightness that won’t strain your back… or bank account.


Which micro-brew do you take to your BBQ?… no need to choose just one when you can take 130 litres with you in your Light Delight Duffel XL, or for the more intimate gathering; the Duffel L can carry 70 litres of your favourite beverage.


Windows or Mac? No need to fuss or fight, we’ve got your hardware covered with the Messenger, Boarder, Sling and Backpack.


Flea market or shopping mall? Do both with our Hipster and Shopper, which leave your hands free to rummage or browse.


And for those who just can’t decide, grab a Weekender and take time out from the city (or go and explore a new one!)


We have added three new colours to our already popular Light Delight Collection; cool black with sweet pale yellow lining, deep brown with a turquoise twist and a cheeky sailor blue.


With all these choices, best take a moment and a drink, to consider your options… Now was it a gin & tonic or a cold beer?

Crumpler Summer Sale – Up to 70% Off

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Crumpler Summer Sale



Just like the local swimming pool, Crumpler’s Summer Sale is waiting for you to dive in! With over 500 items reduced both online and in Crumpler stores it’s the perfect opportunity to equip your summer with some awesome gear.


Be it for a festival, a BBQ, a water fight or just another day at work, Crumpler wants to come along for the ride; with gear to protect your laptop, secure your belongings, cushion your camera, hug your iPad and even clean your iPhone.


There is so much to do during summer – so make sure you have the right equipment to help you on your way. Check out the sale online or at your local Crumpler store.


Don’t wait till summer is over, the sale ends 18th August.






New Website Coming Soon – Sneak Peek

Posted by at 12:10 pm on 06.07.2012
New Website Coming Soon - Sneak Peak


A change is as good as a holiday, right? And at Crumpler we believe very strongly in holidays, adventures, explorations… you name it!

We’re excited to give you a sneak peek of our new look website that will be hitting a computer browser near you in the not-to-distant future.

It will be packed with the same awesome products that you’ve grown to love while making our collections even more of a focus.

We’ve been working hard designing new retail stores and now we’ve put some of that hard work into our online world.

Our bags are important to us, always have been, always will, so we’ve built them a hot new holiday house to spend their days in… grab a cold one and come join us.

Check out this sneak peek…

Jackpack Photo – How Big is Yours?

Posted by at 5:37 pm on 20.06.2012
Jackpack Photo - How Big is Yours?Jackpack Photo - How big is yours?

A lot of ‘pack’ things are pretty cool: Jetpack – Six pack – Rat Pack – Even Tetra Pak.

And now the leader of the pack: Jackpack

The Jackpack Photo is our new collection for the urban outdoors; sporting bags from not-so-big to somewhat-big to pretty-big. No matter how big your equipment, the Jackpack Collection has you covered.
Pouches for your compact digital camera – think of them as your camera’s new best mate.


Photo Sling bags in five sizes – all for different proportions of camera equipment. That’s right; we even have sling bags for those who are well-endowed.


To round out the collection we have a choice of three backpacks: the Half Photo System Backpack, the Half Photo Backpack and the Daddy of the Jackpacks – the Full Photo Backpack.


Jackpack Photo - Product Features


Put on the Jackpack and keep both hands free for more important things….Like designing a jetpack or drinking a six pack.



Dinky Di – Back For More

Posted by at 2:44 pm on 30.05.2012
BWW-029_GlamourBWW-029_Shoulder padBWW-030dinky di newsletter image - group shotDinky Di Collection Page


It is all about heritage for us with the Dinky Di, ever since some gritty messengers in Australia developed one of our classics.


The bag has not changed in form very much since those days, as the recipe was right from the start. It is a bag that you see on the street and makes your head turn. It is for adventures big and small, and is there to hang off your shoulder as you bike through the city and skip from cafe to bar.


We ran the numbers at Crumpler and the Dinky Di is reaching its big 3 – 0, not 30th birthday, but 30th colour. We have seen everything from black to yellow, from firebrick red to warm oatmeal. There have been narrow stripes, wide stripes and stripes that would make zebras jealous.


With the new colours and flap variations now available there is no doubt that there will be heads-a-turning. The bag boasts life itself and wants to come along for the ride. Always.



Crumpler Dinky DiCrumpler Dinky Di


Long-term Legends: The Moses Effect

Posted by at 6:19 pm on 27.04.2012
TG13-21_waterrepelant2Moses Effect_TG_Gimp Red_Laptop_Crumpler_October 2011TG13-23_waterrepelant2Moses effect - A slider-1


We have many awesome details on our products, this week, our show and tell piece is…


The Moses Effect 


“Fear not!” said he, “For I shall send thee neoprene products to protect thy worldly goods. And as I repel the seas before me, so shall these sleeves repel water, dust, beer and dribbly saliva.” And it was good.


The Moses Effect is a new protective treatment for Crumpler’s super soft and shiny neoprene. Originally only available on The Gimp, The Moses Effect is now on the majority of our super soft and shiny neoprene products.



The Moses Effect makes products even longer-lasting, more resilient and all-round shinier, because the treatment makes them both impervious to dust and highly water repellent. As you can see in the pictures, water just pearls right off. As well as protecting laptops, iPads, tablet PCs, or Cameras; the Moses Effect protects the Crumpler product, letting the vivid colours shine longer than ever.



So next time you leave your laptop on your shelf in its neoprene sleeve (The Gimp) and forget to dust for a week… or six… you can knock the dust off as easy as water off a ducks back, thanks to Moses. Cheers mate.








Trust in Kate – Leather Wallets!

Posted by at 6:27 pm on 13.04.2012



High class, or broke ass, we won’t judge you. Others will though.


Lucky for you, our range of male wallets  (Trusts) and our female wallets (Kates) are so awesome, they makes all other wallets look as useless as tits on a bull. Superbly stitched from super soft Holy Cow Real Leather  they are a gem in their own right.



The Trusts are made up of five different sized wallets; ranging from one slightly bigger than a credit card (Simple Trust), to one large enough to hold 1/1000 of the contents of your “legal” Swiss bank account (Deep Trust). They come in two different colour combinations: black with a lime interior or dark brown with burned orange (for those a little more fruity among us).



The Kates are more exclusive, comprising of three lady purses. The largest being the Cyndi Kate; spend big with space for eight credit cards, stash yer life savings in the two pleated side pockets, and enjoy the zip-protected main pocket.  Waiting closely in line is her friend Compli Kate, who is rather simple at storing all your hard-earned dime. Finally Medi Kate is prescribed to help you with all financial transactions during the day. As with the Trusts, the Kates come in two colours; brown with a bright turquoise interior or black inside and out, with a custom embroidery (to match the newly launched Miss D. Flower).



They are a trusty accompaniment to any date with Kate.







BANANA BOWL- The photo bag for the bag!

Posted by at 6:18 pm on 22.03.2012



We have seen it all; from underpants through to wash cloths. Every photographer has his own solution to stowing his camera away inside his/hers everyday backpack or sling bag. Packaging your 2000€ DSLR in your favourite y-fronts was probably a good idea when you did not want to take your big photo bag to that bbq with friends but there is a time when you probably should start respecting your snappy chappy and house him in something fit for a king; the Banana Bowl.



The Banana Bowl is a great solution for the bag in a bag. Put all your camera gear in the bowl (camera, lens, cable etc) then put the Banana Bowl in any bag that you are travelling with- your suitcase, your hand bag and even your messenger bag. It is padded and lined so your camera is safe and even has a handle; so it easy to grab. See……. simple and 0h-so-handy.



Online and available now, so go check it out!


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The All New Prime Cut Backpack



The All New Prime Cut Backpack



The Prime Cut Collection is the perfect choice for indecisive iPad, laptop and netbook owners. At first look, they are a collection of slim, stylish bags. But with closer inspection, they are more than meets the eye.


So what happens if you want to carry a water melon AND your laptop or iPad? No problem. Just shove ‘em in. Sandwiches? Shove ‘em in. That Charlene Harris novel? Shove it in. The neoprene front bloats out to hold pretty much anything at all. And when you take it all out, hello again! slim and stylish. And best of all: no stretch marks.


The Prime Cut Backpack Colour Flash Ed. has a laptop holder for 15″W laptops and room for a lot of love. It also comes in seven stupendous colours – one for every day of the week, much like your underpants. Unless you don’t wear underpants. Our Social Media Manager doesn’t wear underpants, actually…he says he wear “nonedies”

The NEW Light Delight Collection

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The entire Light Delight Collection in lime!



Light Delight Collection Lime



We are ecstatic to announce the new Light Delight Collection. It is long awaited character to join the Crumpler family. We love structure, we love choice and we idolise innovation. The Light Delight Collection is the first series of structured, featherweight bags – designed specifically for laptops, cycling, and travel – that weigh less than a meatball sandwich and can carry more than a dump truck. The range is an elegant marriage of Herculean strength and ravishing aesthetics. They fold down to the size of your hand, and expand to the size of your ego….. so it just depends how big your ego is…..


Among the 11 bags, in four eye-catching colours, each one serves a distinct purpose for the urban adventurer.


The smaller bags make you more organised than the German train system; the travel bag is ideal for your passport, your tickets, and your love letters. The Organiser does what it says: stores anything from your cables through to your electric shaver and lavender bath balls. The bum bag…the fanny pack…The Hipster! Summer is coming and you need your hands free so you can find a lady/man friend to hang off your shoulder, so go find them.


The Shopper is a special bonus in the collection, perfect for throwing in a bigger bag and pulling out when you need it most, or when you popping to the supermarket (or somewhere slightly more glamorous sounding).


If you are looking for the ideal carry-on, the Weekender is your lady. It is made to the EXACT dimensions for carry-on luggage. This means you don’t have to deal with those gate garrisons at the airport anymore. Just toss your laptop in the mesh pocket inside, and bring whatever other crap you want to bring for your weekend getaway.


If you are searching for a easy to grab solution for transporting your laptop or iPad there is a large selection to chose from; the Sling, Messenger, Backpack or Boarder. Heck! Even the Weekender and Duffels have places for laptops and iPads… and all your shoes, knitted jumpers, kegs of beers and what else you may be carrying around.


The Duffels are an ideal solution for travel… with more than three different ways to carry them. The XL is literally X-L, we didn’t just slap the name on to make our egos bigger. Our intern can fit inside… and because these bags are so strong… we picked up the bag and carried him off to the pub…


All off the Light Delight Collection is now available online and arriving in our stores, so now YOU can check them out.



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Last Pieces



We’re doing some spring cleaning, which means SALE! Now, mind you, the most wondrous aspect of this year’s event is that you’ll find loads of last pieces included in the sale. This means that you stand to get your hands on the last editions of some bags! So, if you are a real Crumpler fan, you’d be well advised to head over and check out the deals.


You see, some folks fear the thought of cleaning house. The simple act of letting go of things can be immensely burdensome. Well, we don’t consider ourselves pack-rats of any sort and, in this vein, we are launching MASSIVE discounts of up to 70% off on loads of goods to get ready for new collections! We’re talking classics, new products, photo, messenger, and IT…EVERYTHING!


Be sure to drop us a line of Facebook and let us know what you get! Happy hunting!




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This video is wicked cool, and the song is epic!


We wonder, what sort of bag does Danny use? Hmmm…have a great weekend everyone!



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Custom Bag Questionnaire



Hiya! We’ve got a little questionnaire going over on our Facebook page, and we want to know exactly what kind of bag you create, if we gave you the chance to custom design one with us!


We’d be seriously tickled if you grabbed a few cold ones and went over there to partake. Oi, and bring some of yer mates will ya?!


Custom Bag Questionnaire


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Gifts under 30Gifts for 30 to 99Gifts for 100+


With just under a week left until Christmas comes crashing down upon us all, there are bound to be more than just a few people who are still looking for that perfect gift. We understand the stress that can come with presents, so we decided to make it a bit easier on all of you. Here’s the breakdown :)

Gifts for 100+



Gifts for 30 to 99




Gifts under 30




Crumpler Has A New Shop: Berlin – ALEXA

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Berlin-ALEXABerlin-ALEXABerlin-ALEXASHOP-new_7.jpg (3 documents, 3 total pages)SHOP-new_2.jpg (3 documents, 3 total pages)Berlin-ALEXA


We are thrilled to announce the opening of our newest shop, in ALEXA in Berlin. It is a brand new concept for us that we believe really reflects the colour and beauty of our bags. Needless to say, we are pumped. We’d be thrilled to hear your thoughts as well!


Here are a few pictures of the shop!







Posted by at 10:37 am on 28.11.2011


We’ve been having some heated discussions here at Crumpler HQ Berlin lately about which of our bags is best of all time. Of course, everyone has their individual preferences – some are fans of the classics, while some live for the newest additions – so coming to an agreement on this is like asking an Aussie and a Kiwi to, well, agree on anything!


We decided that the best way to get our graphic designer, Blake, to shut up and stop talking about how much he loves the Jackpack would be to ask the very people that use our bags every day: you!


Head over to our Facebook wall and add your vote to our poll to help us settle this vigorous dispute! Right now, the Cheesy Chick is enjoying it up on top!



Let the games begin :)


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Happy TOO GOOD TO BE TRUESDAY everyone! This time, we are taking a look overseas at our friends in Australia, who are heading into summer, while we are getting firmly smacked by the cold hand of Mother Nature here in Europe.


If you want to win one of our awesome SANDY BITCH messenger bags, all you have to do is go out and draw our logo in the sand. Yes, that’s right, the sand. Pretend you are somewhere warm, go outside in the cold, grab a stick, and draw our logo in the little crushed up pieces of rock, otherwise known as sand. Or, if you are one of those unfortunate souls that live far from water, draw in the dirt or something :) Just be sure to post your work to our Facebook wall.




And as always, this is only for contestants in Europe. The prize is not exchangeable.




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Fotomarathon BerlinFOTOMARATHON


Marathons are interesting concepts. We once saw some advertising for a marathon that summed it up really well: “Just keep running, and try not to shit your pants.”


Well, the folks over at Fotomarathon have come up with a much more humane and artistic version of the marathon, and they are hosting a mini event in preparation for the big kahuna in June 2012.




On November 19th, 30 contestants will enter our shop in Berlin-Mitte and will set out on a quest to snap photos that fit a certain set of guidelines. During that time, the contestants will be running around the city with their cameras, trying to get the perfect shots to fit the various themes. Oh, did we mention that this is a competition as well?! Well, yeah, it is!


We love the idea, and are excited to be a part of the day’s festivities. Registration is still open, but spots are limited, so act fast if this sounds like something for you! Head over to the Fotomarathon site for more information!



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Allriiiiight! Introducing the AWESOME new video for our FREEWHEELER Collection! Toss yer eyeballs at it, and let us know what you think!


Also, be sure to spread this video like glitter in a kindergarten art class! That means, let your friends know about it online :)




Posted by at 12:07 pm on 20.10.2011



We are bursting at the seams to introduce a new twist to one of our most classic bags, the Dinky Di! Like any classic, we wanted to keep the original feeling, but we were sure to add a bit more quality, and a bunch more sexy to this new model.


The Dinky Di has been with us since way back when. It is our most colourful bag and, rightly so, it boasts an attitude that has been known to humble self righteous divas. This beauty has long been a staple in our messenger bag range, exhibiting both personality with the quintessential Crumpler stripes, and functionality that makes MacGyver sweat.


Needless to say, this is a bag that will be with us until the day we die…and with our 30 year Guarantee, it is a pretty sure bet that it will be with you until the day you kick the bucket as well!


Head to our Online Shop to check out the full range of bags!



Introducing, The Freewheeler Collection

Posted by at 3:52 pm on 10.10.2011
FreewheelerFreewheelerFree Wheeler BackpackFree Wheeler BackpackFree Wheeler Messenger MediumFree Wheeler Messenger Medium



Crumpler was born of one great idea in Australia back in 1995: to create unbreakable and individual bags. Welllllll, not a lot has changed since then.


We recently released the Freewheeler Collection into the wild, and not only are they more attractive than that foxy vixen at the ice cream shop downtown, they are also as robust as a rhino’s ass. No, seriously, they are. We even have internal battles going around the office about who will order which bag…because no one likes to show up to the dance with the same dress. You know?




This lightweight and extremely durable collection has it all: messenger bags, a backpack, a photo bag, and slings. If you don’t find what you want here, you probably just don’t know what you want.



We’d suggest you finally do something with your lives and grab your Freewheeler before your friends do :)







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Photo by Mario C... on FlickrLondon Street Photography FestivalLondon Street Photography Festival-1London Street Photography Festival




Are you the type of person that shoots from the hip? Do you stroll amiably down streets, whip out yer camera, and freeze moments in time? Well, if so, you may just be a voyeur. OR, you may be super into street photography!


On that note, we wanted to announce that we are among the Prize Sponsors for the 2012 London Street Photography Festival – International Awards.


Photographers anywhere in the world are invited to submit images that capture, explore or question contemporary society and the relationships between individuals and their surroundings. Kind of like these:


Photo by Mario C… on Flickr


We want to encourage all exceptional, international photographers that use our photo bags to hit the streets and explore portraiture, documentary and art photography in the genre of street photography. And PLEASE, shoot something that will make us laugh :)


For more information on the competition, head over to their website and get started!




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OpenJackpack MJackpack



Jackpack: for the other kind of bird watching.


A lot of ‘pack’ things are pretty cool: Jetpack. Sixpack. Rat Pack. Even Tetrapak. And now the leader of the pack: Jackpack.


We designed this bag for Greg. Greg is a city boy, sure he loves hiking and getting bitten by man-eating mosquitos out in the woods just as much as the next guy, but Greg spends the majority of his busy life pounding the streets of Berlin. He told us that he always has his laptop with him, usually some rain gear for the occasional downpour, his keys, his books, and at times a good few beers for the park, or a rope and shoes for climbing. He rides his bike. He takes the subway.


We wanted to make Greg a lightweight bag that would help him schlepp all his gear around with him, while still giving him the chance to turn some heads and get himself a pretty little Fräulein. So we did! Voilà, the Jackpack: THE new urban rucksack with a whole bunch of smart ways to carry your stuff through the concrete jungle. A custom pocket keeps your laptop safe, and numerous zipped pockets inside and out keep things organized for more “Aha!” and less “It’s in there somewhere.” Plus you can stuff this lightweight bag down and tuck it away while on the go.





The all new laptop Jackpacks come in two sizes and six awesome colours. Head to our website to check out all the features and the full collection.


FOURSQUARE – The Newbie Special!

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Newbie Specialfoursquare newbie special


Foursquare is a location-based mobile application that makes cities easier to use and more interesting to explore. It allows you to bookmark information about venues that you want to visit and shows relevant suggestions about places nearby.


We see Foursquare as a fantastic opportunity to tell your friends what locations in a city you think are great, and what ones they are better off avoiding. In support of this great app, we are introducing the Foursquare Newbie Special into our German and Dutch shops!


All you have to do is download Foursquare onto your smartphone, visit one of our many locations in Germany and the Netherlands, and “check in” within the app. As a result, you will unlock our “challenge” and we will automatically give you 10% off of any non-sale item in store!!


Does this all sound a bit confusing? Fear not, my technophobe friends! The flow is so simple, your grandma could figure it out. Once you check in for the first time, the application will show you that you have unlocked a promotion from us, and you just have to show your golden screen to our shop manager. Simple right?! Now get going, the offer only lasts for a limited time!





TOO GOOD TO BE TRUESDAY – The Netherlands Film Festival!

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TGTBT - NFFCrumplerlogoThe P.P. - 45NFF3153c112e70993ce14bd01a310a04e19.jpg (290×190)





We are happy to announce that we are sponsoring this year’s Netherlands Film Festival, and we are giving you the chance to be there! We are holding a competition for some lucky fans on Facebook to win tickets to the festival.


We like to ensure that our bags are treated well, that they are loved, and that they are in healthy relationships. To encourage this, we want you to take your Crumpler bag out for a date to the movies!


To win your tickets to a movie at the festival in Utrecht, head over to our wall,tell us why you love your Crumpler bag, and promise to take it to the Netherlands Film Festival (we want a picture :). If we like your post, we will mail your tickets right away! We only have 10 to give away, so be sure to act fast.


The Netherlands Film Festival is an annual film festival, held this year from the 21st to the 30th of September in the city of Utrecht. During the ten-day festival, all Dutch film productions of the previous year are exhibited. Besides feature films, the program also consists of short subjects, documentary films, and television productions. On the closing evening of the festival, the Golden Calves are awarded to the best films, directors, and actors. This is definitely not an event that you want to miss.



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Jimmy Bo 400TGTBT - jimmy bo 400Jimmy Bo 400




Welcome to the fourth installment of TOO GOOD TO BE TRUESDAY! It has been awesome to see all the pictures and comments from people the past weeks. People telling us about their bags, how they use them, and even getting creative in the process. This week, we are super happy to give you the opportunity to win one of our killer Jimmy Bo 400 photo bags!


Jimmy Bo is perfect quick access toploader for your DSLR camera and mid-sized lens, it is a super versatile bag that can be worn as a sling over your shoulder, attached to your leg, or around the waist. It is a great solution for those on-the-go with their camera gear.


To win this week, all you have to do is tell us on Facebook whether you would wear the Jimmy Bo over your shoulder, or on your hip! Could it be any more simple?!


No, duh…




** Too Good To Be Truesday is only valid to entrants within Europe and the UK. The products cannot be returned, and cannot be exchanged.**

Tell Us Where You Take Your Laptop and WIN A GIMP!

Posted by at 3:43 pm on 06.09.2011
The Gimp Special Edition 15"WTGTBT---gimp-15'





This week, TOO GOOD TO BE TRUESDAY brings you one of our most popular products: The Gimp!


This special edition Gimp, ideal for your 15″ Macbook Pro, boasts super soft and stretchy neoprene with a sexy matt finish, a strong colour matched zip, flexible sizing, and elastic internal loops for a better hold and in-pouch use. That’s really special!


How do you win this green gem? Simple:
1. Head to our Facebook wall ;
2. Become a fan;
3. Tell us where you take your laptop each day (on the train, the bus, in the car, on your bike, in your bag, in your hand, the library, class, whatever!);
4. We will choose one person at random and send them the Gimp.


**TOO GOOD TO BE TRUESDAY is only valid for contestants in Europe. This Gimp fits 15″ Macbook Pro and not 15.6″ laptops.**


The Private Dancer

Posted by at 10:35 am on 31.08.2011
Private DancerPrivate DancerPrivate DancerPrivate DancerPrivate DancerPrivate Dancer Medium



Not too long ago, we released nine spectacular bags into the wild. When these bags came to us, they were overcome with the humdrum of diurnal activity, and had been plighted by the mundane rituals of grocery shopping and runs to the local organic market.



We took it upon ourselves to breath new life into these bags – to set them apart from the standard totes of the world. We started by addressing one major issue: longevity. We made the Private Dancers with our signature 1000d Chicken Tex Supreme™ hyperperformance fabric and lined them with our durable ripstop lining, so that no soggy celery would ever poke its way though the sides.



Then…we dipped it in awesomeness! This means you can toss a case of beer in there, swing it over your shoulder, and bike into the setting sun, knowing that everything is safe and sound inside a bag that shall not rip. Or, if you are more of the nerd persuasion, go ahead and throw your laptop inside, zip the top shut, and run around in the pouring rain for a few hours. You should be just fine…



The next logical step was to give these bags a look of their own. Forget beige! With nine different colour combinations and three different sizes, everyone is certain to find their path to the greener side with one of these unique treats.




Private Dancer is the tote bag for day and night, for the office and the party, for carrying a little or a lot. Combining elegant aesthetics with rugged, built-to-last quality, Private Dancer is guaranteed to stick with you for the next 30 years, and will keep you wondering how you were ever able to fool such a beauty into going home in the first place :)


All the bags are available online here!

Shoot Your Load For A Super Snipe!

Posted by at 4:56 pm on 30.08.2011
TGTBT - Super SnipeTGTBT - Super Snipe




Introducing, “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUESDAY”: a weekly competition that enables fans on Facebook to win one of our amazing bags. Every Tuesday, we will give fans the too good to be true opportunity to win a Crumpler bag, and we will choose a champion the following Monday at 12:00.


This week’s TOO GOOD TO BE TRUESDAY features one of our classic messenger bags, with a super classy colour combo: the black on black Super Snipe! We wanted to do something for all you personal shippers out there – to help you better transport your daily loads. This super sweet treat is perfect for city slingin’ stunts and girlyboy hunts!


The Super Snipe is not only full of space, but also tons of features that are designed to make your daily runs a joy: internal velcro and zipped pockets, internal ripstop lining, an external zip pocket, our 2-sided tuck-in Third Leg Stabiliser, an adjustable shoulder strap with our Quick Flick™ buckle, and a super safe buckle-fastened front flap. The fact that we are giving this gem away will likely cause the boss to come back and fire our social media fella…poor guy.


Apropos giving the bag away, if you want to win this Super Snipe, follow these simple instructions before next Monday, 12:00 sharp:


1. Snap a picture of all the gear that you carry every day (your phone, books, laptop, rubber ducky, fireworks, dinosaur fossils, whatever!);

2. Post your picture to our Facebook wall;

3. Give us a reason for why we should give you the bag;

4. Get your friends and fellow Crumpler fans to like your picture!


** This offer is limited to contestants in the EU only **


2011 London Open Bike Polo Recap

Posted by at 11:31 am on 26.08.2011
Pre-Tournament Player Meeting - Photo Courtesy of Robb MeertensPhoto Courtesy of Robb Meertens-3



As you may know, we went to London the last weekend of July to help sponsor the 2011 LHBPA London Open Bike Polo Tournament at Hackney Downs in East London. For those of you that still don’t get it, bike polo is just like the normal horse polo – just with more personality and much more excitement :)


The London Open bike polo tournament was a great idea in theory: encourage some of the best hardcourt players in Europe to compete and never turn away any team with a desire to take part. The largest group of mallet-wielding polo enthusiasts worldwide resides in London, and props go out to the large community for organising the great event.


There are now over 26,000 bike polo players worldwide (predominately playing within North America and Europe) and there’s a huge amount of growth expected for the next couple of years across Asia Pacific and South America. Some of the grass polo clubs are starting to take notice in Africa and India too, the hardcourt game is definitely here to stay. And Crumpler is happy to have taken its first step toward involvement in the sport!





The weekend was a full-throttle, fast-paced orgy of goals, crashes, and hugs. Everyone gave their all, but teams that really dominated included: Supersonic – an all-star team comprising two-parts Polosynthese (European Champs runner’s up) and one-part L’Equipe (three times European Champions); Call Me Daddy (French National Champions); Cosmic (London League winners and UK National Champions); Nice Touch (London League runner’s up and UK National runner’s up); Spring Break (London League third place and UK Nationals third place); Hooks (European Champs third place, French Nationals sixth place) and Monkey Punch (mixed city team from Germany who were fifth at the European Champs).


We were happy to award the winning team, Supersonic, with three of our great Hairy Lee messenger bags, and they were happy to get them! We helped the players quench their insatiable apetites with some beers and pizza on us during the Saturday night player party. And we were keen to show folks our collections of products and make their days a bit brighter.


Be sure to check out our full photo album from the tournament on Facebook, with wonderful pictures courtesy of Robb Meertens. We are definitely looking forward to more tournaments in the future. Now go ride a bike!

A Cupcake…for a Cupcake!

Posted by at 9:50 am on 24.08.2011
Lolly Dolly Camera PouchCupcake 2500Cupcake 2500 in BlackCustom CupcakeCustom CupcakeCupcake 2500 in Black



Welcome one, welcome all! We want to have some fun and to see how creative and domestically adept fans of our bags really are. We are giving you the chance to win one of our truly awesome Cupcake 2500 photo bags! All you have to do is send in a picture.




To win the bag, follow these instructions:


1. Decorate a cupcake that shows the Crumpler logo;

2. Take a picture of your beautiful creation;

3. Post it to our Facebook wall;

4. Get your friends to “like” the post, because the cupcake with most “likes” wins!


The fun lasts until next Monday at 12:00, so you have plenty of time to prepare your work of art. AND to top it all off, we will not only send the lucky winner our Cupcake photo bag, but we will also select contestants at random and send them some of our great Lolly Dolly camera pouches.




Cupcake 2500 Photo Bag




Lolly Dolly Camera Pouch




**Disclaimer: prizes may only be shipped to contestants in EU countries. All entries are however welcome.**






Crumpler and Christopher Street Day

Posted by at 2:07 pm on 19.08.2011
CSD ButtonsCSD ButtonsCSD MunichCSD MunichCSD MunichCSD Cologne



At Crumpler, we stand behind the unique, the funny, the elaborate. Yup, we stand right behind those individuals. We get right up behind them and stick them with our nice, big…buttons! At least, that is what we did at CSD this year in Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Munich.




The gay community has always been super good to us, with unwavering support for our bags and brand. At CSD, we set out to bring some smiles to peoples’ faces, and to leave them with something they could remember us by. With buttons like, “Nice Bag! Wanna F*ck?” and “God Save the Queer” we certainly turned some heads. Feedback was fantastic, and we have had an influx of requests to start selling the buttons! For now, we are happy to give them away, and hope that everyone will look for us at the parades next year.


Drop us a line in your next order if you would like one of the buttons for yourself. We have limited numbers left, so act fast!


Be sure to have a look at our Facebook Album for all the images from the CSD parades :)









Colour Your Life, Protect Your Gear

Posted by at 11:12 am on 17.08.2011
Banana Hammock Colour FlashSingapore SlimSingSLIM ALL.psd @ 66,7% (RGB_8)SingSLIM ALL.psd @ 66,7% (RGB_8)Gimp 13" Colour Flashcolour flash tower-for blog





How much money did you pay for your phone? Your laptop? Your shoes? No really, where did you get those shoes, they are super nice…


We know how valuable modern technology is, and we have crashed our bikes and tripped over curbs often enough to understand that these digital devices have limited life spans. That is why we started making protective gear in the first place.  However, us being us, we decided that these sleeves, slips, bags, cases, and pouches could also be extensions of unique personalities! That is why we made the Colour Flash products - to give life to your protective gear.




The Colour Flash range comes in eight awesome new colours and offers protection and expression for your camera equipment, your laptops, smart phones, and tablets. We even give you the opportunity to get rid of your boring old wallet and toss your bills into something interesting :)




Check out everything online here!



Crumpler Sponsors the 2011 London Open Bike Polo Tournament!

Posted by at 2:59 pm on 25.07.2011
London Open 2011London Open 2011LO2011 A5 Flyer - Preview.pdf (page 2 of 2)bike polo flyerbike polo flyer






At Crumpler, we’re smitten with the crazies and the creatives that take old concepts, shake them around, and develop something new and unexpected. For that reason, we are fast becoming fans of an innovative new sport: bike polo.


We present to you the modern cavaliers that chose to ditch the beasts, the halftime cups of tea, and the grass stains, opting instead for steel steeds, road-rashes and frothy, cold brews. We salute these pavement polo warriors, and are proud to announce that we are supporting the LHBPA 2011 London Open Bike Polo Tournament this upcoming weekend at Hackney Downs in East London, alongside 14 Bike Co. and Le Coq Sportif.


55 teams and some of the best bike polo players in Europe will compete to be crowned London Open Champion for 2011. You can expect to see some spectacular goals and crashes between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. on both days. Crumpler has a spectator area next to the courts so that no one should miss a beat during the games. Plus, we will be on site providing valet parking for some of the lucky people visiting the tournament. That’s right: we will park your bike, watch over it for you, and some folks will even be given discount vouchers for our shops in the UK! Keep your eyes peeled.


Hope to see some of you out there!


Check out this video of last year’s event to get an idea of some of the action you can expect this weekend:



London Open 2010 Highlights

Don’t Bet The Boss

Posted by at 11:35 am on 20.07.2011


I would like to introduce everyone to our e-Commerce Manager, Zaren. He lost a bet with our Boss.


The deal was that the loser had to get the whole company ice cream…and the winner got to choose the clothing.


At CRUMPLER, our word is our bond, and we pride ourselves on that – whether it is the 30 year guarantee on our bags…or making good on a lost bet. So good ol’ Zaren had to bite the bullet and ride around Kreuzberg in Berlin in a mankini. What a legend!



Helloooooo Blogosphere!

Posted by at 1:35 pm on 07.07.2011
I KNOW YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT'S GOING ONI Know You Want To Know Wha'ts Going On


Hey there! Welcome to our brand spankin’ new blog! It took a while, but we are finally up and running in the blogosphere and we are really looking forward to giving you more in-depth knowledge on what is happening at Crumpler.


In case you are wondering just what you can expect to find here in the future, we are going to be running posts that feature news on upcoming bags, exclusive deals, fun facts about the company and the people that keep it running, info on events that we are organizing around Europe, random content related to stuff we like, and so much more. 


Please feel free to share this with your friends, and don’t forget to visit our other profiles linked with snazzy buttons on the top right of the page.


Cheers and all the best!