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Around Crumpler Europe HQ in Berlin, when we can bike, we bike. It’s by far the best way to get to our morning coffees, there is even a super scenic canal on the way called Landwehrcanal for most of us.

So that means on any given day in the summer there is a beautiful spectrum of bikes sitting outside. This week, we decided to take some when people weren’t looking and shoot them with their bag (also while they weren’t looking, there was some confusion and panic).

You can tell a lot about a person from their bike and bag, so we collected some examples from around our Berlin office.

The result? You can decide.

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Bestesellers of 2013

Bestsellers of 2013

Here are our most sought after bestsellers of 2013, the coolest kids in school.

You love these bags and we love you for it.

1. Dinky Di Messenger
2. Light Delight Foldable Backpack
3. The Gimp iPad Mini
4. Spanky Jones
5. The Gimp 13
6. Lamington Bag S
7. Private Surprise Backpack
8. The Slip
9. The P.P. 90
10. Keyring

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Crumpler bag Care

Bag Care

The bag, much like a person, cares about its appearance. Not only this, but bags will have increased longevity if time is occasionally taken for cleaning and maintenance. But, as it entirely unable to care for itself, a bag relies on its handler for care.

Fear not! Here are some tips on how best to care for your Crumpler bag.

Never put a bag through the washing machine. The brutal and saturated environment is not hospitable. The internal stitching and material can be affected by prolonged exposure to detergents. On top of this, the internal padding is not suited to long term saturation.

Crumpler bags are not meant to be tumble dried. The heat of a tumble dryer will cause wet areas of the bag to wrinkle and if the machine resembles the volcanoes of the Icelandic central plateau, possibly cause irreversible damage.

Much like us, when exposed to a harsh environment over a sustained period of time, bags protective coating will degrade, which, unfortunately, is unavoidable. You may notice this when rain falls on the bag and it no longer beads and falls off. To fix this, first clean the bag with a watery sponge and some shampoo. Allow the bag to dry and then apply an off-the-shelf water repellent spray, the ones that are usually used for leather or outdoor jackets. Again allow your bag to dry fully before use and your coating will be as good as new.

Finally, there is sunscreen. As good as it is for human skin, guess what, bags hate sunscreen; don’t spill a drop of it on one of these bags. It will not rub off, it will want to stay, it has been given a home and it won’t leave. This is of course not the only liquid that likes to use bags as hosts. In the event a foreign liquid element does attack your bag, once again, use a sponge, shampoo and some warm water and wipe it away.

So there you go! We hope these tips help to you and your bag to have a long and fruitful relationship.